I am living in Zagreb, Croatia and as homeopathy and holistic therapist research yet 15 years human nature, diseases and their causes. In one holistic and intensive healing I prescribe homeopathy and phytoaroma medicine. As a blessing is my personal and hands hipersensitivity that I can work with my hands on fascia and spina ( similar as osteocraniopathy ). This threatment is one for pateint very intensive physical, neurological and spiritual experiance and cures inflammations, releases neurological blockades and leads to consciousness opening. The healing as remedy and threatment combination helps on phyisical, psyco, emotional and spiritual levels and recovers deeply organs and functions, and for months lasting seanses release personal and hereditary thraumas with target matrix reprogramming.
I have interviewed and threated tousends and tousends people hier in Croatia. Our population is small, but mentaly very different because has different historial and teritorial ( earth, river, seaside and climate ) influences. The continental Nord belongs more to Middle Europe history and culture and on The South and seaside is Mediterranean life styl. The Croatian sociaty was verly long in postware and economic very hard transition and passing as sociaty through deep social and economic changes. Very old people were living in twenty century in four country formations and have survived two wars and losted family members and existential broken. Croats are 0 or A blaad group. Traditionaly we are still as familys banded and connected groups and it is used to protect ourselves. Because of existential causes, traditionaly young people were moving to West Europe or farther to Nord and South America. As an EU new member we have accepted last years new rules and our economy and sociaty are passing through progressive assimilation. All these causes influence deeply on our personal matrix and constitution.
About immunity supporting and protecting against corona infection I have explained in farther texts.


This short book was written in corona pandemic occations and it is an intention to describe in a light of different homeopathy constitutions why some people feel a big fear of potential corona disease and show one panicky behavior and the others that feel more comfortabel in corona confusion. The writting and style appropriate for people that yet have experiance with homeopathy and holistic healing and for the beginners who want only to inform and could find themselves in some homeopathy constitution and perhaps would decide to take remedy first time. The basic homeopathy principle similia similibus curent or the low of similars says that remedy or drug picture is similar to patient's symptom picture. It is not detailed explained in this text because it is theme for professional works. In this guide book for a first aid it is shortly described for every remedy.
The homeopathy remedy reflects the homeopathy constitution. They have an origin in plants, animals or minerals world and an origin substance is diluted, potented and made in form globules, tablets or drops. It can say it was a first vibration medicine. Homeopathy could be very helpful as a physical, immunity and psycholgical supporting in the next for health unpredictabel months.
These pictures show psycho, emotional and physical sides of one person and help all of us to recognice our nature how to accept easily own emotions, will, attitudes and behaviors. The one next step is to learn more about the others that we don't understand good and may be dislike their company. The constitution picture reflects one personality or it seems similar as one theatre or film hero with all his life questions, thougths, wishes and dreams, fears and other unpleasent feelings, delusions, describe his physical ( organs, metabolic and other characteristic ) view and behavior, abilities and weaknesses, hereditary and constitutional susceptibiity on some symptoms and diseases.
In homeopathy history and new provings were recognised many specific differences between people and today in practice have helpful remedys for modern people. Homeopathy is a very intensive holistic approach, connecting all sides in wholeness and explains essantial and the most imoprtant in one typ.
The book contens a first remedy choice that help by respiratory inflammations, pulmonary and cardiac symptoms and insufficiency. For the people that yet suffer for and susceptible to these diseases drugs can protect their health, support immunity, release psyche and emotions and help to avoid strong sympton developing. By persons that yet have some virus and lymph system infections or healing history as HPV, Epstein Barr, CMV, Aids ... it suggests to protect their health taking appropriate drugs. For physical weak and exhausted adults and children homeopathy can be very helpful for constitutional strength.
The corona psycho picture as fears, whole confusion and true informations failing, isolation and behavoir rules, control and pressure on personal life, dignity and freedom, social and sociatal trauma, health, existential and global crisis ... and how react different constitutions and which remedys appropriate, it is suggested in the book. We can recognise how population in different countries accept or refuse recommended rules and life changes ... beacuse their attitudes reflect their population common constitutions. For instance, populations with Arsenicum picture ( Germany and Japan for instance and it is an interesting there are some parts of earth rich on this mineral ) have usualy better and modern health systems and it seems people easily accept masks and hold other behaviors rules. The more comfortabel mentalities ( on seasides with sunshine and hot climate ) try to continue with their usual life styls, the others reduce their activities and travellings or rather stay at home and in a range of their family or community.
Homeopathy releases trauma, lessens sensitivity and protects mental and emotional health, how to avoid serious diseases developing.
Epidemic and people behavior, moral end ethics in karantena were themes in very known romans as The Plague of Alber Camus, very amazing is a book The Magus about Nostradamus life and his doctor expriance in 16th century in Europe epidemic ... People have defferent attitudes and feelings about their health and life security. When we learn about the others, can understand and respect fears and isolation or othersides desire for freedom and social communiaction. The both principles are the human nature.


Arsenicum picture reflects todey common freas of infections and death, unpredictabel existence and poorness, about future, isolation and distance behavior, avoid to touch other people and unclean surfaces, obsess by handwash and extreme hygiene and othersides fears to be lost and alone. This remedy is very helpful for serious inflammations of respiratory, digestive and cardiac systems with high temeprature, whole body coldness, thirsty but drinking only small quantity water, desire for sour drinks and food, panick, irritability and nervouses, obsess by checking everthing about his health and disease, constantly doctor calling and desires to have someone nearly. The homeopaths suggest and prescribe Arsenicum at beginnig and for progressive, chronic and degenerative diseases. The remedy helps by respiratory susceptibility and pulmonary weakness, for weak old people to protect and improve their health and immunity and to avoid stronger symptom developing. Arsenicum is good choise for pulmonary inflammation, cough, by internal high temperature, coldness and headache, burning pain and exhausten.
Mineral arsenicum is a poison, but as safe homeopathy delution Arsenicum can help by toxification by taking food or when we are breading toxins and poluttion. In occasions today recommended and extreme cleaning and detoxification we can absorb different chemicals and demage our mucoses and skin and develop illness, temeprature, cough, stomac symptoms, skin burning is more blue redish, burning pains in chest and around pericardium ... The remedy appropriates these symptoms.
For fears of the others, „infected“ and noninfected people, disease and death, egxistence ... that manifest as irritability, sleeplessness, obsess behavior, as constitutional or as acute drug, prescribe for calming and release. Arsenicum is remedy for obsess complusive disoreder. In modern and materialstic life Arsenicum is commen state bacause of contantly wariness about jobs, money, immovables, healt insurances, living comfor, educations, own and family state in sociaty. Globaly, rich and developed world part that accumulates riches and poverty and try to supervise and control economy and sociaty inside and outside of their countrys.
In Germany and Japan there are arsenicum minings, and for instance, this could explain why sociaty is generaly very good organised ... their health systems have reacted very ready in corona epidemy and people accept all recommended rules. Arsenicum album is „cool“ remedy for serious and thinking people that feel sure only if hold under detailed control their health, family, life, rich and state. Othersides, it is very helpful remedy for high temeprature and strong burning symptoms.


Hepar is a very important remedy in healing very strong respiratory inflammation and abscesses, coughing with thicky and yellow secretion and expectoration. Drug is very helpful by prickly pains and sansation as something in throat and lungs pain, and in middle ear pains, too. It is a good choice for nervous and irritant persons sensitive on cold and other outsides influences. Person reacts angry, unsatisfied and malicious and can be occupied with his health, decide to lose job and change everything how to avoid disease. In this mental picture could find many people todey focused on protecting thier health.


Mercurius constitution has an unconstant and unstable nature. His needs and desire for change can lead him to contact with patogens that cause infective diseases. Mercurius typ is usualy very inteligent, eloquent and good communicator ( salesman, teacher, speaker, actor, politician ), but othersides in personal relationships very introvert, suspiciouse and requirable. People born in this constitution and in these epidemic occasions can inclinate to riscky and or forbidden behavior ( company change, promiscuity, addiction, illegal jobs how to earn a lot of money in short time ) or opposite ignore family and friends and try to get away. Mercurius is very unpredictabel person.
Mercurius is very helpful remedy for immunity and lymph system, lymph glands and virus infections and progressive states. Remedy works very fast and strong by inflammations in mouth, enlardged tonsils, lymph nodes, throat, ear, digestive, urinary and genital symptoms, joints, skin eruptions with eaching and restlessness. It is state with high temperature, extreme thirsty and desire for cold drinks, extreme sweating and strong cloured secretions ( possible with red or dark red blood ) in mouth and from iflammated organs.
Mercurius can be helpful and protect adults and children that yet suffered or is in healing against infections as tonsils, middle ear sensitivity, HPV, Epstein Barr, CMV, herpeses, Aids.
Mercurius is similar and appropriates for small children especialy boys and yang people. Physical restless and contantly in moving, but mentaly they seem as tired, can not be concentrated and learn, boring and refuse obligations, very oft angry and aggressive and don't undertand and accept authoritarian rules. Because of that can prescribe for attention disorder and some autisam cases, but it is always very individuel observation and remedy choice.
Mercurius can not stay very long in one state ( company, job, living place ... ) what reflects his needs for change. This remedy can suggest for children and adults that accept very hard recommended rules and behavior.


Phosphorus and other remedy in this group as Calcium phosphoricum can help to protect and hold stable immunity and respiratory health. These typs feel very sad and unhappy in social isolation and distance because they like to be in company with lovely people and openly show their empathy, appriciance and love, desire physical touchs and hugs. They enjoy in change and to meet different people and visit other placese and cultures, to learn about new things. They are mentaly and emotionaly very intensiv, but physical weak ( spina, bons, joints, stomac ) and their immunity ( lymph gland enlardged ) and respiratory system are very sensitive on every respiratory diseases ( allergy, cough, bronchitis, astma ). Their spina, bons, joints, vital organs and generaly physical constitutuon are not enough compact and strength, less endurance, and need immunity support how to hold stable sinusis, tonsils, throat and pulmonary health. They always desire fresh air, very thirsty on cold carbonated water and beverages, and like to eat opposite taste salt, sweets and sour food.
This remedy ( Kalium posphoricum also ) can help children and yang people to avoid mental exhausten in learning long periods, by fast spina and bons growing and for weak constitution stenght, in young living styl as intensive learning, less sleeping, nutrition insuficiance, drugs addictions, promiscuity, by emotional and love disappoinments and young illusions losing.


Kaliums appropriate more for persons that feel sure as a memeber of one good organised family, team, group or large system. In population with common these constitutions can await more discipline and accepting recommended rules and behavior. These persons are very conservative, ethic and loyal and could be good in professions with sructure and hierarchy as officer, soldat or priest. Kalium mental picture is very rigid and also physicaly inclinate to back and extremities strong and stitching pains and to progressive, chronic and degenerative bons and joints infalmmations.
Kaliums as cold Kalium carbonicum and Kalium bichromicum and as warm Kalium sulfuricum and Kalium iodatum are prescribed by allergy and strong pulmonary inflammation with hard breading and cardiac insuficence, coughing, chest and back pains, with secretion and expectoration. For older people that usualy need more and hang from help, can be good choice to protect respiratory and digestive health and for cure beck, bons and extremities inflammations and degenerative changes.
Kaliums prescribe as remedy for mental weakness and moods as Kalium phosphircum for mental uplifting, and Kalium bichromicum and Kalium bromatum by sad moods and depression.


Staphysagria typ is usualy very polite and try to be in correct and recpectable relationships with the others. A person is ready to make more compromises very long time and adapt on situtation, but because of internal pressure and long suffering could feel very unsatisfied and disappointed with behavior other people or generaly with life occasions. Staphysagria can react very opposite and express her angry, shout, cry or blow things. Mantaly and physicaly can be under big stress and develop digestive ( liver is very sensitive ) symptoms nausea, diarrhea or obstipation, intenstine cramps and pains, neuroligical sensitivity as headaces, cramps, pins and muscular and nervs sensations, trembling, rigidity in body parts and pains ... nervous mood, angry, restlessness, sleeplessness. Staphysagra is very helpful for tension and pains release.
The remedy can be good choice for people that work in profession where required polite, kidnly and smart behavior nurses and doctors, teachers, salesmans, officer, diplomats. Than, in families by malicoius and dignity failing communication and violence, traditionaly if women or children rights are not improved and when memebers are living in one dicatorial hierarchy. By sexual violence and misuse is very helpful drugs. Staphysagria appropirates always when personal dignity and own suffers human border are in question or yet broken down.


I have decide to put Gelsemium on this remedies list becaus this drug is very helpful for weakness and exhausten. We are living in very stressful and unpredictable time and many will feel tired, fearful, encourged and idealess after for months long lasting health, existantial and global crises. Remedy can improve and strenght mantal, emotional and physical state.
Gelsemium helps by fears, uncertainty, for mental and neurological weakness and is known as one paralytic remedy. He can be good choice for headache with tension in forhead and occiputal part caused by insuficiance in blood circulation,
concentration, learning and memory ability are less and person can not thinking and remember, speek very hard and feel unsure to work usual and new things. Weakness in legs or trembling could be also symptoms. Person can feel fear to go outside and meet with people. This remedy can suggest for people that after isolation have to come back on their old job or looking for e new, by learning, studing, exams and by other unpleasant situation. Drug approprates to old people mental picture, awake by demention and Alzheimer. By influenca infection covers very good headaches, mental and physical weakness, too. It suggests when people must choice and decide about very important question in their life, to uplift them mentaly and encourage. Gelsemium is big remedy for brain and nerves, recovers functions as hearing, speech, walking.
For mental and neurological strenght can help Kalium phosphoricum, Kalium sulfuricum, Kalium bromatum, Natrium sufuricum and other drugs. Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Natriums, Lachesis etc suggest for different emotions, feeling and moods.


As prevention and remedy for immunity in low potences and in more weeks can take Thuja, Ferrum phosphoricum, Calcium phosphoricum, Silicea, snake remedy for blood cleaning and thrombous.

By infection the most important battle heppens in lymph and digestive system. In mucous and submucous of thin intestine is concentrated 80% of our immunity and there form antybodys and immunoglobulins that farther travel to other organs and protect against patogens. Because of that every immunity protocol contens digestive and intenstine healing and nutrition. Weak and exhausted intestine and unhealth changes in permeability and motility are caused with inflammations and mucous demages, taking industrial and unhealth food and chemical drugs, stress, less of rest and sleeping and unhappy feelings. Good food has more functions detox, nutrition, antiinflammatorial and hedonism. Failing of vegetables, fruits and food produced on untoxified earth and in sunshine climate could substitute pinjole, pistacio, cacao, almond, walnut ... good choice of spices as curcuma, chive, origano, majoran, celery, parslay etc.

As immunity support against potential corona disease I prescribed to my patients, togehter with homeopathy, probiotics and phytoaromatherapy and can say we stayed well and health and continued with work and normal life. Todey we have advanced vibration phytomedicine that is very helpful for liver ( Silybum marianum ), and intenstines ( Melisse, Ingwer, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Curcuma ) , also works on immunity intelligens and adapatibility (Echinacea, Ribes nigrum, Sambucus nigra, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Juniperus, Astragalus ...) and recovers steamcells ( seaweed, Spirulina, Astragalus ). These therapys show good results also in healing autoimmune diseases ( multipla, rheumatiod arthrytis, intenstine disorder, diabetes, thyroid diseases ... )

I prescribe for immunity new very helpful helicrysum italicum ( immortele ) with sage hydrolat, that is made in process of one advenced destilation and is maximal stable. Hydrolat cures hydradenitis suppurativa and other unhealth autoimmune diseases.

Essential oil small drops are espacialy helpful against viruses. Oils have function to lead oxigen through plant parts and organs and the same work in our body. Every plant, its oil and frequency appropriate and can heap some states, emotions and organs. Very helpful against viruses are oils ravensara, origano, cinnamon, cedar, myrrh, citrus, orange, lavande etc in difuser or for oral taking. Extreme protecting and healing power has boswelia sacra ( lower about 50 MHz ) as pure fotons energy to put a few drops in drinking water or apply on skin and around nose and mouth and by mouth washing. Rose oil is the most high frequency 320 MHz.

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